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Cheat Meal Race

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  • 1km/0.6mi
  • 5km/3.1mi
  • 10km/6.2mi
  • 21,1km/13.1mi
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The race is open to everyone and you can run or walk any day between 1st June and 31st August 2021 to earn your exclusive medal. We ship the medals worldwide so you can participate from any place of the world. 


  • Electronic bib number
  • Electronic finisher certificate
  • Unique custom medal
  • Medal Engraving (if ordered)
  • Worldwide Shipping
  • Worldwide result rating
  • We will send a minimum of $3 of every entry fee to a chosen charity.


What is your favourite cheat meal?

Most amateur athletes adhere to one or another diet or follow a proper nutrition plan in order to be in a good shape and support their bodies during heavy training.

But honestly, what could be tastier than a fresh sweet donut at the finish line of a half marathon or a marathon!? We deserve it!

Choose the distance and hit it. Cross the finish line of this race and reward yourself with your favorite donut! You will get our exclusive 0 calories donut and it will never ruin your shape. 


We offer you to choose one of 5 distances:

1km /0.6mi – for kids 

5km /3 miles 

10km /6.2mi

21.1km /13.1mi

The distances can be done in one go within one month.

The deadline for submission of your result is 31st August 2021. We will ship your medal 2 days after your result is submitted and approved. We will send you the e-mail with the tracking number right after the shipment.


Please upload your result to your races section in your personal account.

The duration of the race should be entered in this time format 00:00:00 (hh:mm:ss)

Please also attach the screenshot of your race from any running/walking app or your watch

Your selfie with your bib number (optional)



  • When? From 1st June to 31st August 2021
  • Where? Around the world
  • Distances 1km/0.6mi; 5km/3.1mi; 10km/6.2mi; 21,1km/13.1mi
Cheat Meal Race